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looking2try333 Mar 10 '17
I have ALWAYS been turned on by ladies who are older than me. Was told my "first time" story was hot, want to share it here now.

I am the youngest of many children. My siblings stretch as far (older than me as) 15 years. We were northern U.S. kids. THEY had their wild moments. Beer parties and such. By the time I reached my early teens, it was determined by our parents that if I was to stay behind at home from one of my their trip out-of-town, a guardian (babysitter) would be installed. My siblings had all "flown the coop"

I was applauded at the idea. I was old enough to care for my self. "Damn near a man" I thought. Turns out: my journey into manhood was closer than I thought.

My mother decided to have one of her co-workers daughters appointed to the task. She had a boyfriend and I was just a teen-ager, She was only a few years older.

The weekend of her first assignment, resentment filled our house. I was cold and quiet, not sassy or dis-respectful, but I did explain to her, as any boy would do, that I was 'old enough to take care of myself.'

The second time my folks left town I let my guard down, and being horny most of time during those days, this girl knocked on my bedroom door AND CAME RIGHT IN, caught me looking at some Penthouse, Playboys, Swank and even hard core 'fuck book' magazines that I had swiped from my brothers stash before he moved out of the house.

I was caught pulling up my pants as she walked in to check on me. I was EMBARRASSED. I could NOT conceal from her, within my pants, the hard, young dick that I had produced, and said: "I didN"T say come in"

She walked in and said very little, almost a stroll, then she just sat next to me and said: "Oh.... sorry.... Hey that's O.K." as she pointed towards the magazines laying ALL OVER my bed.

She, then, turned HER attention towards the magazine photos herself. Focusing hard on the photos, probably to help minimize MY embarrassment and give me a chance to better hide my hard dick.

Her method worked, I started to feel like a snail, poking it's head out of it's shell.

She commented how nice the girls looked, and if only SHE was that pretty. We thumbed through the magazines together. She would find a new photo, lean in against me like a close friend would do, and comment on it.

She was squirming a little herself (which know I know now: she was getting juicy) and my stiff dick was getting back to full attention, poking his head out of my pants. I had no control over it's reaction, and felt a little embarrassment settling in AGAIN.

I tried to hide it with a magazine in my hands, but she was doing a lot of leaning and grabbing books, she had to have seen it.

I remember this like it was yesterday.

Eventually she reached the 'harder core' style magazines. Swank, then another brand. Together we studied these magazines. When we reached a photo of a girl sucking a mans cock she said to me: "That must REALLY feel good, Huh"

I replied "I guess so" She said that she should try it to me, and I could tell her if it did feet as good as she thought.

This girl had a sexual pattern installed in her already, and I was about to treated to the same approach that MUST have been used on her.

She told me to stand up. I did. She pulled down my pants and she told me to lay on the bed and look, ONLY, at the photo. All of her actions were 'matter of fact'. Within no time, I was laying on my bed with my stiff dick straight up.

The second she wrapped her hot mouth around me I knew what she meant. It felt GREAT. So hot. Better than that hot wash cloth that I had recently tried.

She paused to look up and ask: "So, does it feel O.K. ?"

I almost wanted to cry because she had stopped and replied: "Yes, yes it feels good."

I was feeling much more comfortable with it ALL and that allowed me to groan out, and let her know just how good it felt. I knew right then that there would be no more embarrassment felt by me about ANY of this with her.

She really used methods to erase the awkwardness that she MUST have known was in the air.

She sucked me a bit, and then came up stopped suddenly, straightened herself up on the bed and grabbed the book and started flipping pages again. (I know now, she was looking for a window for her to show me that it was HER turn)

I sat up too, thinking there might be something wrong, but we started shuffling through the pages together, I was SO MUCH wishing that she had not stopped and was just STILL sucking on my dick. All the photos had a new meaning to me right there.

She'd kept leaning in to bump my shoulder, pointing to photos and saying "Look at that"

I was as hard as I had ever been in my life.

We reached (what I now know was) her target. A man licking a girls pussy. She pointed, held the photo right up to my face and said "WOW, look at that! THAT must feel just as good." I replied "I guess so."

I looked into the photo and I realized, for the first time, that it really must feel good for that girl to have a hot mouth on her too. I had seen these photos before, but I now knew: THAT does feel good. Finally I could look 'into' these hot pictures and not just 'at' them.

This "Baby-sitter" then looked me in the eye, pushed down on her crotch with the heel of her hand, and asked: "Would you try THAT on me ? PLEASE ? You have to "

This girl was very cornering, cunning and manipulative with the exact words she used on me, and it paid off for herself, and lowered my nervousness.

I replied to her request: "Sure, but you have to take off your pants." (no kidding, right? I was just a kid) She stood up and dropped her Levi's. and struggled to get her panties un-roll and down, and the flopped onto my bed. There was barely room for her, me and all the magazines on my twin sized mattress, I carefully held the book open for her as I handed it her way and I told her: "here, YOU look at the photo" and I moved in towards the first real, live, pussy that I had ever seen.

She pushed the magazine away and said: "I'd rather watch you do it." When I got close to her pussy, I realized that the smell was NOT exactly lilacs and hesitated a bit.

She wasted no time in pulling, from behind, my head closer and like any 'boy' I resisted enough to say: "it smells funny" . She replied: "You smelt funny too, but I did it and didn't it feel good ? "

She had me. She continued "Please let me feel what is in the picture and then I'll do it to YOU again". Jackpot, enough said. That was all it took. I pecked a little, and stroked those lips with my tongue just like I saw him doing in the photo. It was a minute, or less, when she started to narrate to me just EXACTLY the course that she wanted my tongue to take.

Soon as I followed her map, SHE began to moan. A gentle moan, and when I started to ease up on the giving, she again, grabbed my head from behind and pulled me into her for more. Before too long my dick was stiff enough to stab through the mattress and I realized it was exciting making HER feel good.

I stopped trying to command MY own course and let pull, slide and glide my head where she wanted. All I had to do was flick my tongue, lick and kiss on her lips. It was right there, right then, she helped me develop the skills I needed to be a pretty good pussy eater.

This was my first REAL sexual experience. She made it clear that: we tell no one about this little secret of ours. She said that I had to agree.

I awaited the next out-of-town trip my parents had planned. My mother was a bit surprised that my whole attitude and outlook had changed in regards to the concept of me needing a 'babysitter'. I simply said "She" is nice, and she helps me with my homework. LIE. That girl didN'T know anything about schoolwork.

"She" also allowed me the first opportunity to cum right into a mouth. She LOVED me to shoot my young loads there. We fucked a few times, (first for me) but she insisted on a rubber, and that just did not feel as good (to me) but I'd do it anyway. Scared, I guess, that I might disappoint her, or she would tell on me, or something.

And there is it. My first !

Could be why I love keeping myself fully shaved? Could be why I so LOVE to eat a woman's pussy. She had a boyfriend: Could be why I enjoyed my threesome couple so much?

My only real 3-some experience was with a couple who LOVED (and showed me how) to enjoy creampie play. I would love to meet a couple who'd like me to perform oral on BOTH of them.
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