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Admin Admin
Admin May 15 '16
When do you change from bi- curious to bisexual?

For me it was the first time I sucked a cock.

How about you?

jayo1975 Male
jayo1975 May 15 '16
same here lol
PaOralBottom Male
PaOralBottom Jun 20 '16
To me it feels the same.
Dogonu Male
Dogonu Jul 16 '16
I stopped being bi curious at age 13... Being truly bi is a good feeling for me.  Love the male to male contact and really enjoy showing a lady the right way to orally please her man
funsocalsex Male
funsocalsex Aug 16 '16
For me it was when I found myself wanting to have sex with men after the nervousness of being curious but not knowing what to do or how to handle it.  It was a a great thing that I followed my curiosity and opened a new door in my life.  Cocks are great too !!
Funforacouple Male
Funforacouple Dec 16 '16
I had always found men attracted to me when I was younger and that freaked me out when they hit on me. As I got older and was having a heterosexual sex life the advances of men started to appeal to me to the point where I thought "why not" I m glad I did as I truly love to be with aman and a woman at the same time
Hairybiguy Male
Hairybiguy Jan 12 '17
What's the turning point from being curious to fully bi? I've thought about and acted upon sexual feelings towards men and women since a very young age, but I don't come out with this info to anyone really. Ive told some exes before and was met with horrible reactions. I've lightly lobbed the subject out there to my current wife and she's not receptive. Which is weird since she spent 3 years dating women so I'd think she'd be open minded but no. Anyone else meet resistance when confessing your bi side?
VegasM2partynow Male
VegasM2partynow Jul 25 '18
I would have to say the same thing. When I got over initial nervousness and put the head of that cock in my mouth and felt it get hard I was hooked!
Angel Male
Angel Aug 8 '18
There is nothing more exciting than to suck a cock up to and through an orgasm! Very hot to feel and taste the size of his cum! Love it when he shoots too much for my mouth to handle. Love to have my cheeks bulged out by his shot. Makes my cock hard!
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