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The Studios

Location  5150 South Pecos Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Phone (702) 443 - 3732

The Studios, 

The Only ON-Premise Pan-Sexual* Adult Club in Las Vegas Nevada

PAN-SEXUAL - Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Hours of Operation 

Tuesday    9 PM - 2 Am T-Girl Tuesday Party every other Tuesday check the Studios Calendar for dates

Wednesday 9 PM - 2 AM Wild Wednesday Party Every other Wednesday Check the Studios Calendar   

Thursday 10 PM - 3 AM

Friday     10 PM - 4 AM

Saturday 10 PM - 4 AM

Sunday   10 PM - 2 AM

Suggested Membership Donations 

The Studios runs on cash donations form party guest at the door.

Sorry but The Studios does not negotiate for any reason and reserve the right to refuse entry.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Single Woman - Free

Single Men - $40.00

Transgender -  $10.00

Couples - $20.00

Military with ID - $20.00


Couples - $ 20.00

Men - $ 40.00

Females - Free

Transgender - $10.00 



Prostitution is illegal, and not allowed you will be asked to leave.  

Dress Code 

The Studios does not have a dress code .

Wear what you are comfortable with. 

They have lockers for you to use, if you want to change there


The Studios does not sell alcohol, they do however have water and soda.

Guest may bring their own adult beverage 

No Drinks are allowed downstairs or in any play areas and private rooms

This helps keep The Studios clean and safe for everyone, The Studios

wants you to have a clean, safe and enjoyable time while you are here



No illegal drugs are allowed on the premises at anytime you will be asked to leave.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are allowed but they are not to be used in play ares If you must 

use your cell phone use it on the patio or in the main social area  


Smoking is allowed only outside on the patio area and the back yard

No means No. 

If you ask someone to play and they say no, leave it go at that, and move on.

No touching or joining in with out permission

This rule is a standard rule posted in every adult club we have ever been to. Ask before you TOUCH or you will be asked to leave. DON"T DO IT!! 

The Studios has private rooms upstairs with doors and chains, if a chain is across the doorway of a room you may watch but not enter, unless your Invited.  If the door to a private room or bathroom is closed do not open it.




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